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Révolt provides technological expertise and innovation for your protection and your freedom.

We are a human-sized company based in Toulouse. We offer innovative masks combining protection, comfort and aesthetics. Efficient and filtering, they suit perfectly for whole day use, both outdoors and indoors.


COVID19 protective masks

✓ Quality

The filtration efficiency is equivalent to the FFP2 level, i.e. filtration greater than 94%.

✓ Comfort

The band on the nose is inserted under a protective layer for optimal comfort.

✓ Aesthetics

White or gray, headband format behind the head or behind the ears, the choice is yours.


FFP2 level

As requested by the recommendations of the World Health Organization, Revolt masks given the same filtering protection than the FFP2 nominal protection factor.

This masks provides a filtration rate greater than 94%.

Iimportance of filtration level of masks

Wearing certain masks is not recommended, in particular handmade fabric masks and category 2 masks. FFP2 level masks are the most filtering anti-covid masks. They protect the wearer against inhalation of airborne droplets and particles and filter at least 94% of the smallest aerosols.

Source: French Government

CE CERTIFIED & assembled in France 🇫🇷 and USA 🇺🇸

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Masque de protection FFP2

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Our Personal Protection division focuses on emerging needs for Personal Protection Equipment in the new age of pandemics.