Our new mask is online!

Founded in 2017, CILICON, a French company based in Toulouse specializing in the electrical and electronic industry, used its knowledge and skills to produce FFP2 level masks for the general public during the COVID19 crisis. With its capacity in terms of manufacturing electronic products, it has been able to develop its own production and packaging machines in France and the USA.

To offer its products, the CILICON group created the revolt.eco site in 2020, in order to offer its protection products.


Where do we wear the mask in 2021?

Before presenting our new mask, a little point on the obligation to wear a mask in France.

Since July 20, wearing a mask is mandatory in closed public places in France and contrary to what one might think, it is not mandatory to wear it everywhere in the streets of each municipality. It is the prefects and mayors who decide on a case-by-case basis whether it is compulsory to wear it in certain places (markets, town centers for example) or when going out within the municipality.

To find out if it is mandatory, check with the town hall or on their website, if it has one. Indicative signs are also present in the busiest streets.

Until collective immunity is achieved and the vaccine is effective, the mask will remain mandatory. The many variants, more contagious, push us to wear protective masks that are safer, more filtering. So even if you have to wear a mask to protect yourself, you might as well choose it, right?


The production and certification of our masks

In 2020 and after a few months of production by our own French production machines, we offered our first filtering protective mask on our site : the protective mask folded in the format of a band behind the head.

Masque de protection ffp2

As requested by the recommendations of the World Health Organization, these protective masks are of FFP2 level and have a filtration capacity of more than 94% on the smallest particles. They therefore make it possible to protect oneself and others against the COVID19 virus. They are also CE approved and certified.

To adapt to individual preferences, we have chosen to create a new protective mask with the same filtration capacities and the same certifications as the previous mask: the protective mask in behind the ears format.


Presentation of our new mask

More classic, the protective mask in the format behind the ears is worn like the surgical mask.

The bands behind the ears are stretchable and have a silicone adjustment clip. This allows the mask to fit perfectly on your face, for optimal protection and comfort.

Masque de protection ffp2 gris

For more comfort, the metal alloy nose band is inserted under a protective layer, soft and sufficiently thick.

Masque de protection ffp2 gris

The mask has 6 layers: an outer protective layer of polypropylene, a filter layer of cotton, a 3-in-1 filter layer of melt-blown polypropylene and a final inner protective layer of polypropylene.

Masque de protection ffp2 gris

The masks are packaged in a small box of 14 by 14 cm by 11cm and are offered in sets of 20.

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